Allen Chi

Philanthropist and Gaming Consultant in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Allen Chi is a philanthropist in the areas of technology, gaming and chess. An avid gamer, his passion for board and video games dates back to his early childhood. As a child, Allen Chi found himself completely mesmerized by the strategic nature of chess. While he still plays chess today (as well as a variety of other tabletop and video games), he keeps up with his love of strategy by competing in a Fantasy Football League amongst friends and family. (His favorite team is the Chicago Bears and his go-to player is Chi player Allen Robinson.)

He works professionally as a gaming consultant in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, offering his expertise to other gamers. Whether someone is looking to master a specific game, or needs advice in the areas of video game live streaming or gaming tournaments, Allen Chi is the gamer for the job. He hopes to actively support a professional gaming league or team in the coming year.

The 3rd Annual Allen Chi Scholarship program is accepting applications for 2022! Learn more and fill out an application on Chi's official website:

He is fascinated by the growing technology in the gaming world and hopes to be a part of it in any way that he can! He regularly supports and contributes to various charities, including Extra Life, Games Done Quick and the AbleGamers Foundation. Most recently, he has begun to pursue philanthropy in education by working with Teachers Village in Newark, NJ. Allen Chi is a strong believer in the notion that children are the future; he also believes that educators are valuable members of the community who deserve recognition and support. He looks forward to the success of the project.