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Allen Crawley

Allen is a Small Business Marketing Strategist that helps real businesses make real money in the real world using "Outside the Box" Marketing Strategies that help to Dominate the Competition and Generate Endless Leads, Sales and Referrals. Allen is also an entrepreneur coach, direct response copywriter, marketing product developer, speaker and consultant.

Allen has over 18 years of expertise in marketing, training, business development, sales and service with a background in a wide range of industries including mortgage, real estate, construction, home improvement, investment and hospitality. His experience in multiple business disciplines and his entrepreneurial spirit, grit, drive and determination gives him an edge when helping small business owners in any industry.

He believes that small business is the backbone of the US economy and is passionate about helping business owners not only survive but to thrive in this new economy. Allen has developed a series of seminars, webinars, workshops, products and training courses all designed to enable his clients to grow their businesses.

Allen is a father of three and lives in Danville, Indiana with his wife. Allen and Tina are also grandparents to one boy. Golfing, basketball, hiking and biking are among his leisure time activities. Allen and his family are active members of Cornerstone City Church.