Allen Curreri

Vice President of National and International Sales in Atlanta, Georgia

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Allen Curreri is a driven and passionate professional in the healthcare industry who has carved out a career for himself as the Principal Investigator and Senior Medical Writer at a clinical research group. He joined the company in 2017.

He is responsible for writing and collaborating on various medical device and pharmaceutical writing projects and briefing documents. He mentors and manages junior medical writers.

He is also responsible for reviewing the clinical data of new medical devices and therapeutic drugs. He prepares documents for submission to the FDA.

Allen has established himself as a talented professional whose skills lie in areas including leadership, strategic planning, research, clinical trial management, and the pharmaceutical industry.

In recent years, Allen has devoted his currentPh.D. research to the inclusion (or lack thereof) of mindfulness training for physicians. Allen became interested in clinical decision-making after spending much of his professional life inside ERs and hospitals.

While working with doctors early in his career, Allen was concerned to realize how little training and resources were available to doctors to ensure thoughtful, critical decision-making on behalf of patients. This concern stayed with Allen over the years until he decided to dedicate his career to the problem and embarked on his research of clinical decision making — the first research of its kind. He is using the data that he and his colleagues collected to design a curriculum that will standardize medical decision-making and introduce a culture of mindfulness to the high-pressure, high-stakes world of treatment and diagnosis.

Allen Curreri has extensive experience in the medical field, and his varied career has given him a unique perspective. Allen has witnessed the hard work and impossible decisions that doctors are faced with from many different angles within the medical industry.

Learn more about this important work by visitingAllen Curreri's ResearchGate profile.

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