David Allen

Frimley Surrey

David is a superb communicator, he clearly understands why God has given us 2 ears and 1 mouth. He got into politics off the back of a community action programme in 2009 where some of the landlords on the Frimley High Street leased the car park behind the stores to thugs that tried to legitimise "cowboy clamping". They semi-legally terrorised the old, the infirmed, the those who couldn't fight back. David led the fight which ended up with their eviction and the passage of the "Freedom Bill" in the House of Commons to stop this sort of thing permanently; real democracy in action. Now he has settled into the real work-of-the-work representing his residents and cracking on with life as we know it...

  • Work
    • 07785-225447 or 07787-996099
  • Education
    • Univertity of Colorado-Boulder