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Allen Dubberly

PLC and HMI Programmer in Winter Haven, Florida

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I live in Winter Haven, Florida and work for, a Kroger company. I travel extensively for my job. I am passionate about Technology, Automation and Mechatronics. Nearly all things mechanical and/or electronic grabs my attention. I work in and follow most technologies in the world today in one form or another. I started with a cousin's Commodore 64 computer, then later the Apple IIC in school and tinkering with anything I could disassemble after that besides gaming on every available console. That progressed to the Web and scripting on different PCs in general. Working in the Industrial Electrician/Instrumentation role in the early 90's carried me to Automation, writing Relay logic, and eventually programming PLCs, PACs, Embedded PC Controllers and CNC Routers and finally Industrial Robots. I joined my professional talents with my hobbies of developing and designing and began to design and invent while striving to start several businesses by this time.

Always looking for that opportunity to join a team either here at work or otherwise, that would make a difference with the possibilities in technology today. I've continued to relentlessly pursue the next advancement in science or invention or technology to create, innovate and to help others that want to do the same.