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Allene Wolfe

I am a 70 year old great grandmother. I am a widow after 50 years of marriage I have 4 boys, one super Daughter in law, 7 grandchildren and 6 great grand children. I was born in Amarillo, Texas and moved to Colorado in 1966. I went to public school thru 6th grade and then girls schools for 3 and back to public high school where I met my husband. I enjoy drawing, painting and writing poetry. I have a true book called LIFE POEMS.I have been published several times. I have been involved with scouts, school activities,church activities and any thing else my kids were involved in. I enjoy camping, swimming, fishing and site seeing and photography.

I have worked in sales, as concession manager, floral manager,deli and bakery worker, cashier, head cashier and always customer service.


favorite thought: Help where you can and ask no reward, trust in God and accept what you cannot change//don't sweat the small stuff as there will always be big stuff to deal with.