Allen Gottfried

As Digital Marketing Specialist with Eaton Corporation’s Filtration business I focus on the development and implementation of digital content including website and micro-site development, social media profiles, media production.

Additionally, I employ advanced SEO/SEM techniques to enhance web performance to continually increase traffic and achieve higher ranking organic search engine results using keyword research, competitive analysis and analytical data. While busy with my full-time position my love for media and video keeps me active in producing and directing music videos, commercials and a variety of websites and digital marketing based projects under my award-winning media production company, Electric Head

Whether it's music video productionfor a the next big act, producing a top-notch commercial or working with clients to build or enhance their online presence through social media, branding, reputation management, website development, SEO/SEM and PPC campaigns --- I thrive on delivering the highest quality content to ensure that every client, company and product I work with succeeds and stands-out in the digital world.