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Marketing consultant

2011.05--2012.03 ADM, Beijing

-To combine the business experience and the understanding of the client's business to find out a advanced way to use their data for analyzing.
-Consulting work to make them know what we can do for them.
-Do system blueprint planning the help them know how to build it.
-Business data analysis to improve the clients' analysis level.

Market Analyst/ Research Analyst

2010.08--2011.05 Gome, Beijing

-To do analysis based on the retail data from every store with the tool like Access, Excel, SPSS.
-Do report the important issues to the supervisor and the CEO and give them advices.
-Do communication with the directly manager or supervisor in branch company to make them know the problems of the marketing or sales.
-Check the improving work as well.

Marketing Dpt. Manager

2009.03--2010.08 Changhong, Mianyang/Baoding

-Be responsible for managing the marketing department to maintain the sales, develop new marketing channel, and do sales promotion event planning and application, train sales men product knowledge and sales skills.
-Communicate with the senior branch and the general headquarter and do coordination works.
-Make marketing plan for the new products and and do events execution.