Allen Graber

Atlanta GA

What's up with the pic? Fair question. It was my lame attempt at trying to be Ace Frehley on Halloween.

Been heavily involved in the Atlanta technology space since 1994 as an software/Internet entrepreneur and early-stage investor. Had a few wins and losses and have tried to learn from both.

Worked for one of the first Atlanta-based Internet companies to IPO-HomeCom Communications. And then worked for iXL. Then co-founded a hosting company called HyperMart that was sold to a publicly traded company called Go2Net.

I currently spend much time chasing the little hoodlum in the picture around the house begging him to not shoot the dog or his sister. When not doing that, I am currently dividing my time with the following businesses:

Plan B Growth Small Business lending to those that can't get capital from traditional banks (Partner)

ShopVisible Leading Ecommerce SaaS platform (Investor/Board Member)

Raintree Waste A commercial waste management company and waste brokerage company

Octane Coffee PocketBar Pint-sized version of Octane..

Here are some companies that I have current investments in:

Wahoo Fitness


Radiance Solar


Trip Lingo

IOU Central

I am passionate about the work that the Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless does and currently serve on their board. In the winter months, over 700 men who have no where else to seek refuge there.