Allen Hu

Atlanta, GA

I believe the ability to create is a powerful thing. Whether it be the creation of art, music, architecture, or even just a simple idea put into motion, I think ultimately our creations come to define ourselves. I find beauty in those who can create. My yearn to create has inspired me to delve into the worlds of music, film, and other visual media. Those who can be creative and original inspire me. People before you and I whom created these very things we depend upon to live, learn, and have fun are whom I strive to be.

My passion is in crafting a story for film and for visuals - from the seed of idea to the distribution of the project - I absolutely enjoy every detail that it entails.

Check out my work at and follow me on Twitter: @djvoiceofgod for more! Thanks!

- Allen Hu

  • Work
    • The GANG Productions, LLC.
  • Education
    • Georgia State University - BA Film and Video