Allen Johnston

Dallas, Texas

Allen was born in St. Louis in 1968, instantly he was drawn to Baseball and competition. He and his father went to many St. Louis Cardinals games. Bob Gibson was his favorite pitcher as he was extremely competitive, immensely intelligent, and out worked his competition. After watching Bob Gibson pitch several games, Allen asked his father why he was so good. His father responsed with his drive, word, and work ethic separate him from the rest of the pack. One of most rememorable words Allen's father told him was that a man has two things that he can control: his word and his work ethic! Allen has based his entire life around his word and giving whatever he does One hundred and twenty percent. All of his family, sports, and work ventures are balanced yet at full throttle.

Competition and education has always interested Allen. In 1992 he was reading about stocks and noticed one of the top performing stocks was a company called LDDS communications. He did not have much cash to purchase the stock so he decided to interview with the company so he could obtain stock by working for them. During the intitial interview the branch manager stated that he did not have any experience with telecommunications so he could not hire him. Allen called the manager every week for three weeks until he agreed to meet with him again. The branch manager set up another interview and included the district manager. During the interview Allen told them that he would work for a month and if he did not meet their expectations he would not cash the payroll check. That was the beginning of his career in the technology industry.

Allen Johnston is an Executive level professional with experience building and growing technology companies for over 22 years. A serial entrepreneur by heart, he has contributed to the success of five startups with both direct sales and sales management. He has worked from the earliest stage startup (employee number 4 at Netvoice Technologies) to Oracle corporation the second largest software maker by revenue. He played a critical role in contributing over $437 million in sales to organizations he has represented.

Serving on Advisory Boards in Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and Mobile Applications, he has assisted in development of business plans, Private Placement Memorandums and raising capital via seed funding.

  • Work
    • Oracle Corporation - Account Director Verizon
  • Education
    • SMU Masters of Arts in Mediation and Dispute resolution (Enrolled)
    • University of Dallas M.B.A. Telecommunications
    • University of Missouri, Columbia B.A. Psychology