D. Allen Levie

Glad to be here. The son of Dennis and Linda Levie, married the former Martha Harsh and now the father of 6 amazing children. I am a faithful member of the LDS Church. I believe the Jesus Christ lives, loves us and has a plan for us. I am so grateful for the peace that comes from His restored church, personal answers to prayer, living prophets, the priesthood and temple blessings.

Over the years we've run a small CSA family farm and attempted several businesses. Most pursuits have been social-entrepreneurial including; a transformation in elocution for individuals, families and communities; a new kind of dating; a live-online Jr High and an educational program called PR-Learning utilizing personal and public relations to help schools and students better teach and learn.

I love to write about current affairs. I believe we live in a day when the stakes have never been higher. Our debt load is enormous, we face moral, educational, ecological and political crisis. If we do not change our children and grandchildren will pay an enormous price in either blood or bondage. I also believe the tools are at our disposal to address and resolve all that lies before us.

The industrial age provided us today with the time and resources to build communities and teach with more impact than ever before through what has been called the new visual media. I am dedicated to helping this come about. If we rise to the occasion we can produce enough wisdom and wealth to pay off our debts personally, locally and as a society within this generation. The new visual media can impact society to the same degree that the world experienced from the printing press and the subsequent emergence of the US Constitution. See our current contributions at www.STORIfoundation.org.