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What’s up. I’m ‘Somerset’ Meece, a writer from Kentucky living in Key West.

I like design, technology, and writing. I love astronomy and all the stars at night.

I have just finished a big new scifiction novel called “BRAVE NEW MARS”.

The softcover and Kindle editions are available on Amazon. The hardcover will be coming out on January 22, 2023 from IngramSharp distributors. It is about Corpocracy versus Democracy on monopolistic Mars in 2084. Very relevant today.

I am a naval Viet Nam veteran who served on a destroyer that was attacked by a torpedo boat squadron near Hon Me island in the Tonkin Gulf. That marine combat experience powers my naval novel and shows how our provocative intrusions started a war that cost 58,000 American lives but made tons of money for the military/industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about.

Kirkus Reviews TIN CAN !

"Meece’s novel follows a sonar technician on the USS Abel in the South China Sea during the Vietnam War. Petty Officer John Mason longs for his home state of Kentucky as he reckons with the unfamiliar surroundings of combat.

"..... The story starts with the Abel patrolling near a small fishing village, anchoring, handing out soda to South Vietnamese soldiers, and receiving orders to shell the nearby forest for days on end. From Mason’s perspective, the banal cruelty of the artillery strike is just another sign of the corruption of an American government that took him away from his fiancee, Sonya, and threw him into harm’s way.

"...... Meanwhile, there’s race and class oppression on the Abel, where the enlisted men resent the overbearing, shortsighted officers. Their conversations aboard the ship and belowdecks veer from good-natured joking to nihilistic musing, often from one moment to the next.

"..... As the ship moves up the coastline to Hong Kong and back, the crew’s frustration heats up until it reaches a boiling point. And when Mason learns that Sonya has moved on, he feels that he has little left to lose.

"..... There are moments of striking depth in this book (“The lives of all are staked on the performance of each”) and other occasions of hilarity ... Meece does employ some uniquely vivid language..."

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