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Peoria, AZ

So here is a way to tell you a bit about me.

A single white male, unmarried (with no kids) 44 year old, 5'4" Scorpio in perfect health. A non-smoker who takes or uses no drugs, no tattoos, piercings or scars. I prefer to wear my Levi's 501 blue jeans and a comfortable clean t-shirt, I very rarely watch sports on TV or go to the games at the stadium, I don't play or own video games, I don't hunt animals, and I can't tell you the last time I went fishing however I do enjoy running, target shooting pistols/rifles, mountain biking, traveling, jet skiing and motorcycling. I travel often - local and global for work and play. I enjoy taking digital photos (like the one on this page - I took on New Years Day 2012 from Sedona, AZ Airport) I like to drive or ride, I enjoy my truck to take me to locations to visit and take photographs, I really like to ride motorcycles and my mountain bike. I run (2 Marathons so far) for fitness, eat good food, I juice healthy vegetables at home, drink California red wines, I like to cook and enjoy a steak and mashed potatoes dinner. I am a techie and like Apple products and electronic gadgets. I live in Peoria/Glendale area of Arizona as of 1/2012 from Folsom, CA (NorCal) originally from New Jersey/New York. I am a freelance technician, I have a commercial drivers license, a US Passport and have traveled the world with ambitions to see and photograph more of it. I am blessed to have a great healthy family and incredible close friends and work with some of the most talented people on the planet. I like to learn new things, trying to play the guitar and piano at the moment. Would love to learn Spanish as a second language. Trying to figure out QuickBooks...that I could really use help with.

If you are or know of someone who would like to meet someone like me; please pass this along and have them contact me! Always looking to meet cool people new friends are always welcome.

Respect to all,



I made this website to make meeting people that interested me easier and gives you pertinent information about me so you the reader could have a better idea quickly and easily to see if you wanted to put your time / effort in to meeting me.

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