Allen W. Van Osdol Jr.

Consultant and Instructor in Crawfordsville, Indiana

My second book has been published, A Time To Remember.

Navy Proud

A Time to Remember

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I began writing and telling stories to my little brothers and sisters when I was about 10 or 12 years old.

Since then and until I was about 55 years old I have written a conservative estimate of several hundred short stories. None of which did I ever feel worthy of publishing, although those I gave the stories to disagreed. The genre's, running from western, sci fi, mystery, and erotica. I have also designed, written, and implemented, complete instructional courses for law enforcement on numerous topics.

Now that I have published two books, at the behest of many of my fans, I am working on another book which is close to my heart. I am collecting real life stories and snippets from other military veteran's lives. This book, I hope, will help the people who read it to understand the lives and feelings of those who have served their country.

So far, while editing, I have read stories from WWII veterans, including prisoners of war captured by Germans. Other stories written by vets who were fortunate to never serve in a combat roll, yet still have interesting stories to tell including some very funny tales.

If you are a vet and have a story you would like to share, send me an email and we will discuss it.

An important part of what I'm looking for is this: if you are a family member of a Veteran who has made the ultimate sacrifice, and feel YOUR vet deserves to have his story told or you would like to share a bit of your life together, email me. Please feel free to including any feelings you have about his/her sacrifice. I know this will not be easy but there is no one else to speak for them.

Semper Fortis

Thank you and God Bless America

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