Allen Venables

Mosta, Malta

Some people use their biography section to ‘big up’ their abilities and emphasize commercial value. “My photography will generate sales…yadder yadder…hire me”. Why bother? No doubt you have looked at all the pretty pictures before visiting this page, so you know if Allen’s style rings your bell. Instead of all that shtick, let’s just stick to the facts.

The facts are simple. Allen is an English photographer living in Malta with his wife Joanna and three children, Emma, Matthew and Andrew. But, beyond that simple statement, they do say that there are 5 interesting facts about everyone. So what are Allen’s?

Interesting Fact 1: Allen played football for Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.
As a schoolboy Allen was on the books of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, as a goalkeeper. That’s really something special because, if you know anything at all about the club, you’ll understand that it’s the busiest position on the pitch. Then it all went wrong. Allen dislocated a knee in a friendly game; thus ending a potentially stellar career. Why? Well if you can’t carry out your chief duty (bending down repeatedly to retrieve the ball from the back of the net) you’re of no use at Wolves. Instead Allen made the best of a bad deal, became an art director and photographer and settled for a life of fast cars and super models. It’s tough but someone has to do it.

Interesting fact 2: Allen was a cutting-edge house music DJ
Back in the day Allen was a renowned House Music DJ. What day was that you may well ask? Well Allen was one of the first to start playing Chicago House music in nightclubs, when U2 and Goth were all the rage and Boy George didn’t look like a kebab-munching docker. You should have seen Allen’s masterful mixing techniques on the Technics 1200’s. He used to collect Chicago Trax Record Label 12inch American Imports the way Vinnie Jones collected Red Cards. Now the only grooves he collects are on his forehead.

Interesting fact 3: Allen is a mean cook
Not mean as in great, mean as in he tends to skimp a bit on the ingredients. Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Allen has murdered all the great culinary traditions of the world – and don’t think the English get away with it either. Allen’s Traditional 4,000 calories a portion Christmas Day Lunch is just what you need on a typically freezing 65F degree December day in Malta. Christmas on the beach is no fun at all, let

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