Alexandra Reyes

Seattle, Washington

Alexandra is a dedicated, hard worker who truly has a passion for all that she does. Her passion and commitment extends to her family, friends, clients, coworkers, and those throughout her community.

Alexandra has high-expectations of herself and others. Since graduating from Central Washington University, she has always made sure that she is constantly growing, giving and utilizing her skills in the best possible ways. From there she dedicated herself to Corinthian Colleges Inc. for four years where she was promoted from Administrative Assistant to the President, to Finance Planner, and again, to Registrar. While working at Corinthian Colleges, she was awarded eight, corporate-wide awards. Achieving her first award after only being with the company for one month; and with her attention to detail at the Henderson, NV campus, she raised their campus internal audit score from a 3.9 to a 1.7, setting the standard for the campus' compliance policies.

Alexandra's passion for others brought her to a non-profit, low socio-economic school in Seattle, WA. At St. Therese Catholic Academy, where she developed a close bond with the students and parents she works with. Alexandra has helped transform St. Therese into a successful, efficient, well-oiled machine. She has taken on tasks not only within her department, but in other departments as well, including admissions, financial assistance, marketing, fundraising and development. Words that parents, staff, and students alike have used to desribe her are: dedicated. caring. loving. generous. efficient. leader. energetic.

When she's not busy with her St. Therese community, she enjoys spending her time with her family, travelling, and volunteering for theYMCA and Emerald City Youth Athletic Association Seahawks, a little league football team and cheer squad which reaches out to youth in Seattle. As the secretary to the ECYAA, Alexandra is responsibile for the communication between the organization and it's members.

Alexandra is an asset to everyone fortunate to have her in their lives. Her dedication, efficiency, enthusiasm and passion sets her apart from the rest.

  • Work
    • St. Therese Catholic Academy
  • Education
    • Archbishop Murphy
    • Central Washington University