Neil Ian Aller

Neil Ian Aller

Hi! :D

Don't mind the picture by the way. I am currently

- Studying at Consolatrix College of Toledo City

- Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [BSIT].

- I very interested in computers. So, when I graduated in high school, I decided to take up a computer degree.

- Still, I am not that well in terms of computer such as programming or coding but I still working hard with the best of my abilities in order for me to become a successful programmer.

- Now, I am having a lot of fun using computers in a more proper way without harming anyone. My ultimate dream now in computer aspect is to create a program/software/site for the benefit of all. And I'm confident that God will help me!

- I am also an anime fanatic.

- I am very friendly specially to the children because of their innocence. hehe!

- I am a God-fearing man. I know that God exists and I have faith in Him.

  • Education
    • Don Andres Soriano National High School
    • Consolatrix College of Toledo City