Alley Edwards

English Teacher, Journalism Student, and Blogger in Brisbane QLD, Australia

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Hi everyone, I’m Alycen (I mostly go by 'Alley' though).

I live with my family in Brisbane, though am from Adelaide originally.

I've worked as a secondary English teacher since 2012. I've taught in schools across South Australia and England.

After returning in January 2019 from two years living in London, I realised it was time for a change. I'm currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Journalism through Deakin University (Cloud Campus). I am about to embark upon my final trimester of study.

Moving forward, I'd like to explore professional writing opportunities for online media (i.e. blogs, vlogs, news outlets, podcasts, etc.)

I have keen interests in film, travel, history and musical theatre. I love nothing more than discussing Disney, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones over a nice cup of tea.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to chatting to and sharing ideas with you all about social media this trimester.

  • Education
    • Deakin University - Grad. Dip. Journalism
    • The University of Adelaide - B. Teaching/B. Arts