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The audition is the only time you, the actor, have complete control of the final product. You get to take the material and direct, costume, makeup, photograph... and really do with it what YOU want. It's your best play time.

There are tons of places who will tape you. You can tape yourself if you have time and the resources!

But what I'm really good at is helping you tell the story of the audition within the confines of the frame. I’m your outside eyes and ears. Together, we work my 8 step process to make sure the character, the story and your TALENT come through. And it is a process.

No I’m not an acting coach. I’m an audition friend who helps you clarify your choices, cleans up action, keeps it compelling, and let's you really swing for the fences for the purposes of this audition.

It’s not about lines, or eye lines. It’s about engagement, enjoyment, and story telling. Because I promise you, digging into that joy is what books rooms and jobs.





Includes professional studio lights, lav mic, DSLR camera (Canon t6i), beautiful grey or white backdrop, and editing and transfer within an hour of your leaving. Or you can bring a memory card and leave with all your takes to study at home. (I highly recommend this!)



Muggle Time: 30 minutes for $40 & 60 minutes for $80. You wanna shoot as many takes as possible, and get out. Easy peasy. Fast and Loose. Great for Co Star roles or a couple quick scenes. No coaching.

Magic Time: 30 minutes for $70 & 60 minutes for $130. We'll work my personal 8 step process to make sure you are sending your very best work. You'll always be in control, but it will be collaborative. The timer isn't important, what's important is your engagement in the work. It'll be super energizing, super fun and you'll leave knowing they got your best. Great for roles or projects your heart really wants to invest in.



West LA near the 405 and 10 Freeways



By referral only & Venmo or Cash only



When you need me... within reason.



Do you want to send me a recent audition tape you did and get feedback? I can do that too. $30 per audition. I'll evaluate your technical set up, acting choices and any other issues you want feedback on.

Check out my IG account, for more :)

Happy booking!

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