Brandon Scott

Hello. The names Brandon, and starting XX/XX/2015 I'm going to be walking exactly 106.1 miles with the help of my friends at 106.1 KISS FM and hopefully YOU!

I will be doing this in support of the (MAW Foundation) (Wounded Warrior Project) (Out of Darkness Foundation). Join me on Facebook (@HANDLE) Twitter (@HANDLE) and Instagram (@HANDLE) as I walk and dedicate each mile to someone whose story will inpire us all and whose story we all can relate to.

I will begin on XX/XX/2015 at 7:00 am in PLACE, TX and end on XX/XX/2015 at 7:00pm in PLACE in Fort Worth, TX.

Donate what you can and then join me. $1 or $1000, 3 minutes or 3 days, 5 miles or 50. We will do what we can, together, for them.