Jeremy Michaels

Jeremy Michaels is 24 years young, born and raised in NYC.

An urban gentleman, a man of love, a man of loyalty and a man of wisdom. A positive strong minded individual who improves himself daily and believes his purpose in life is to express his love and experiences to inspire and help others. He’s addicted to brilliance, intrigued by intellect and obsessed with wisdom. He’s a student of life learning everyday, sharing his experiences, knowledge and intelligence along the way. He will never graduate from being a student of life, he’ll always keep his mind open and continue to keep learning. He believes life is a learning experience. He presents this website to the hearts and souls of all kinds of people from many different walks of life. His mission is simple - it's to better people while improving himself. To educate, inspire, influence, motivate, encourage, empower, help and support people in all ways possible. As a writer his goal is to open minds and perspectives and help people improve their lifestyles simply just by the way they think, act, eat and live.

Jeremy has made many mistakes and has failed. He’s been lied to, hurt, heartbroken, betrayed, lost and scared. But he never been a quitter and he definitely learned from those experiences. He became a wise young man. He believes that you can’t find victory playing the victim and his message is simple. If he can get through the ups and downs of life, so can you. If he can present himself in a proper way and think positive no matter the circumstances, so can you. If he can become inspiring and successful, so can you. If he can adjust to a healthy eating lifestyle to maintain his health and lean, so can you. If he can keep learning and improve himself daily, so can you. If he can find his purpose in life and live happily, so can you. He calls himself a writer, but he’s much more than that. He’s a giver. He’s a motivator. He's a lover. He’s a loyal dependable friend and a person with a huge heart. He's inspired by love and life itself. He's an individual who simply wants to make a difference.