Allison Bazany

Student in Texas

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I am indefinitely relying on my desire of life amongst wild creatures and the outdoors to drive me to what I am meant to do. I fulfill my photography passion with many friends and family. I am overachieving in all things organization. A forest green thumb is more detailed to my passion for gardening. There is a determining difference that you can pull apart from me that you can't from others, I am undoubtedly devoted to whatever I put my head and heart towards. Tell me to run a 5k, I'll do it, pick up trash on the side of a busy highway I'll do it. I may look as though I'm trying to impress you, but I promise I did all of that yesterday.

  • Work
    • Whitewater Ampitheater
  • Education
    • Texas State University
    • Tom C. Clark High School