Alliah Tolentino


Hello! I am Alliah Tolentino.

I don't usually talk with people who i am not close to but since i want to share a bit of myself. Here i am, giving you SOME information about me.

Firstly, I am a fourteen-year old filipina who lives in Hagonoy, Bulacan. Secondly. I am a grade eight student from St. Mary's Academy. And lastly, I am Roman Catholic.

Well, with the first information that i gave, i think i already gave you a hint of what is my characteristics. Since, I am only fourteen years old, of course i do what teenagers does. Having fun with your friends, chit-chatting all the time, making fuss and fight, stu(dying), reading, socializing and a lot more. I love to surf the net everytime i have my spare time. Being a highschool student isn't a cool thing for me. Well maybe atleast half of it. Imagining that you just keep on doing and doing and doing your non-stop projects, homewroks, activities.. Like do i even have a life?

As what i have told you, i am a Filipina. Filipina women are very hospitable, nice, humbgle and what we call "mahinhin" I can say that, i have atleast 80% of the characteristics that a filipina had. Doing everything in filipino way is no thrill. You have to do something. make a change.

Being a teenager, i am also part of a group named "fandom" fandom is everywhere. You ship this couple, you idolize these guys. That's what a fandom is.

Let say that, being in a fandom is a hella fun thing. You'll have new friends, talk about your idols, make a fuss between the haters. it is so much fun. People will never know the real you but only half of your likes and dislikes.

I am a very secretive person. i am suspicious at all times. I do not want to go out of my comfort zone. it kills me being with the people that i am not close with. Although i have friends, i don't consider them all as my bestfriends.

I am a very practical person. Say anything to me, HARD OR NICE. I don't care about what people say. they don't even know me so that they judge me easily. I don;t have time for their endless dramas. Judging me won't make you even prettier. :)

I can be good or the other way around. I am full of sarcasm. I am nice to my friends and only to those who are nice to me. Do things that are very pleasing in my eyes then you will be one of my besties.

I love speaking or writing in English. writing quotes everyday on my so calle