ALLIAM Jewellery


ALL-I-AM Jewellery & Art encompasses a wide variety of jewellery and art pieces that are made to an extremely high standard, not just focusing on opal but a wide variety of gemstones, whereas the Brand ALLIAMs' focus is only opal.

ALLIAM's jewellery is a brand brought about by the love of opal, thus OPAL the ART of NATURE which says it all.

In doing so we have created a brand that is specific to opal, a gemstone that I believe is in a class of its own. In doing so we have created the brand ALLIAM that is totally focused around opal using ONLY 100% natural Australian opal direct from the mines.

ALLIAM proudly brings you quality couture jewellery; featuring stunning designs all hand crafted out of 18 carat gold and other precious metals featuring the very best Opal accompanied by other stunning gemstones.

ALLIAM prides itself on creating unique pieces of jewellery reflecting elegance & style that transcends time, with originality and quality as our guarantee.

We also pride ourselves on having the ability to create that special piece of jewellery for you, we source the opal design according to your requirements creating something extremely special that you can feel a sense of belonging with. ALLIAM jewellery’s focus is only on 100% solid opal the way Mother Nature intended, whenever you purchase ALLIAM jewellery the opal is guaranteed genuine 100% solid natural Australian opal direct from the mines and that alone.