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WHAT I THINK: I love Photography, soccer, football, singing and just spending time with my family When I say one snap is all it takes to change the world I mean.... If you have a good eye and you take one picture, that can change your perspective on anything. Photography is not just a quick snap of the camera. It is time, effort, patience and trust. You need to trust yourself to know that yes, the first picture you take is NOT going to be perfect. You just need to believe you can do it. I first realized I liked photography in 6th grade when we went to the zoo and I took a picture and showed my dad how good I thought it was. He agreed and he even said I had a "good eye." When I showed everyone else they also agreed. Then I knew it is one of the many things I love doing. So anytime I go somewhere I am always taking a picture of something. One day I know I will get better. And I hope one day people will admire and love my work!!!

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