Allie Parrish

Allie Parrish

StrengthsQuest Reflections

One of the strengths that I was labeled with was achiever. This has always been true for me in my life, so I was not surprised at all to see this in my top 5. To me, being an achiever means stopping at nothing to get what you want. By no means does it mean that you are always successful, though. To me, being an achiever means allowing yourself to fail but still trying and working hard in situation like these. I am an achiever in all aspects of my life. Academically, I don't like to not do well on assignments, and I take my school work seriously. In my social/personal life, I like to do my best across all situations, which can lead to a wide variety of outcomes. I have learned to acknowledge when I fail, and this has helped me become a more successful achiever.

A Letter to Myself Reflection

I like the idea of writing letters to yourself. In my life I have a big emphasis on growth and reflection, and it has also played into my identity as an achiever. In the beginning of the year my letter to myself included how I was adjusting to the semester and to my new home at Ohio State. I was struggling at the beginning of the semester, and my letter reflected that. At the time, the assignment forced me to write the truth about my experience. It helped me have a base to compare back to about how I was doing and how far I've come since the beginning of the year.

Lessons to a Future Buckeye Reflection

The lessons to a future buckeye assignment provided an avenue for me to express what I have learned in my first semester at Ohio State. I wrote my top 5 lessons to tell a future OSU freshman, and they included learning to take naps, giving yourself time to adjust, and taking care of your wellness, among others. This was a cool way for me to reflect upon what I have learned while I've been at school, even in such a short time. I compared these lessons to the things I wrote in the letter to myself, and I saw how far I had come since writing that. This assignment reminded me that everyone goes through what I went/am going through, and that life is about the constant ability to adjust. I enjoyed writing this assignment.