Allison Hossack

City of Brotherly Love

1) I'm a driver at heart. My father was a racecar driver. I was a pony cart driver at eight. Fast forward to 18, I drove myself hard in sports and competed on the US ski team. Now I'm a program driver. Give me a goal and I'll take it from thought to thing. With a knack for leading cross-functional teams to implementing short & long term programs from concept to deployment, the world of getting things done is my arena.

2) I have a belief; Successful product managers work seamlessly like a spinning hub in a wheel. We help all facets of an organization work together for the common goal of satisfying our customers. I translate user wishes and business desires into artifacts that designers and engineers can gobble up like free food.

3) I'm a creative innovator. My greatest accomplishment was a small, crazy idea that turned into a big, serious thing. The directory listing redesign program resulted in, a $12M reduction in annual cost, as well as a new source of revenue. FYI It completely disrupted the age-old directory listing industry.

4) I'm a travel aficionado. I've flown around the globe touching down to teach business partners how to leverage their success gene. On a more personal note, I conquered North and Central America as a semi-circumnavigator.

5) I am a techy uber organizer + planner. I know my products end-to-end, inside + out. That's precisely why I'm a quick study and learn new products/programs/processes in a nanosecond. My expertise (and technology + business acumen) spans the worlds of design, product development and delivery for Internet and communications products.

6) Start me up; I'll never stop. The faster the pace, the better I perform. With an uncanny desire for big challenges and opportunities, my wide breadth of experience gained from riding the high-tech start-up rollercoaster is one of my biggest assets.

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