-------allimeme ♔ wank queen-------

I need a wank twitter where I can just. Shittalk to my hearts desire. Basically this twitter is gonna be shitting on a lot of stuff, mainly notps and complaining about fandom bs or annoying opinions I see.

it's gonna get petty here so if that bothers u then don't follow


△ s h i p s △

✧ extensive list ✧

if you like any of the ships below, dont follow if you're gonna get butthurt cuz im talking shit about them

△ n o t p s △

shit i violently dislike for serious and/or nonpetty reasons

rinharu, souharu, kagahimu, akakuro(knb), kurotsuki, oikage, fenders, ereri

△ n a h t p s △

stuff i greatly dislike for petty, non ~problematique~, and sometimes unexplainable reasons

soumako, aokaga, imanaru, kagesuga, kurodai, + pm any super rare pair or anything I don't have listed as a ship

△ o t h e r / s h i t △

pro seirin

hetero bashing

shittin on some fandom faves (artists, characters, and tropes oh my!)


you can send me a follow request, but i might not accept it if i feel our fandom onions dont sync up too well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also feel free to unfollow at anytime