Lisa Kay Williams

Family, Friends, and Clients call me "Kay"; do the folks at TLC. Just call me "K". Me and my crew have been featured on TLC, with requests to be on Oprah, Dr. Oz, and Dr Phil.

My company, ALL IN PLACE (AIP) serves Executives, Families, and Seniors in the set up, staging, organization, and management of their household, office, relocation, estate,... and c-level suite.

ALL IN PLACE clients include the Preseident of Skype, Vice President of AMEX, Vice Preseident of ABC, Global Wealth Manager of Morgan Stanley, Marketing Director for Pepsi Co, and the Creative Director of Ogilvy and Mather, just to name a few.

My background:

I was one of a handful of good things to come out of NJ. Ha Ha. I was born there and summered in beautiful Long Beach Island, where we have a rental available. (wink wink) I was reered by two amazing parents who are still happily married, an older Sister in NJ and her family, a younger Brother, and his family, now in Napa, California. I was shaped well by them, friends, and colleagues. Since launching from the nest in 1995, I was raised to a higher level of living, working, and being. I have been a New Jersian, a Philadelphian, a Texan, a Californian, a Manhattanite, a Charlestinian, and am now a Raleign, bound to launch the next best thing since face book. That is B1Network and where people will go to successfully build their C-Level Suite. B1 Network is ironically and coincidentally seeking partners. You'll understand this fully upon inquiring.

In my spare time I love to be with family, friends, date who could just end up being "Mr. Right" support any positive initiative or culture, and match make people. So, my hobby turned cocktail-trivia with PAIRINGS, featuring match-matchmaking dinner parties,... to taste. Our matto? "From side dish to main course"

I believe that the key to successful relationships are integrity, unbridled passion, insatiable ambition, and unwavering focus. That said, ALL IN PLACE specialities thrive by the later and have the expertise of "Professional Organizing" at their core. It is what I do. It is a large part of who I am.