Prof. Maja Jovanovic

Writer, Public Speaker, and Sociologist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I give women the tools and strategies necessary to turn their fears into success.

Do you constantly doubt yourself or your capabilities? Do you downplay your achievements or refuse to take credit for a job well done? Do you talk yourself out of doing something just so you won’t fail? If so, then you’re at the right place.

If you're not ALL IN, ALL THE TIME, ALL THE WAY, then you're nowhere.

My name is Professor. Maja and I am a medical sociologist and holistic nutritionist. I have a Masters and PhD in sociology from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. I specialize in female empowerment and confidence issues. My latest research is in body positivity and health.

My 1st book "Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing...and other career mistakes women make" gives women strategies to become better communicators and reach out of their comfort zones!

I want women everywhere to stop being perfectionists, to stop over-thinking everything and to start asking for what they want in life.

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