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When I was working for a large firm in Washington DC, my small department of five people all of whom were African Americans told me to write a "white paper". Even with a master's degree in psychology, I had never heard the term "white paper". I laugh about it now.

After writing multiple white papers and research over the years, I have now learned (and found out I was great at writing them) thafvthe importance in research, is the writing of white papers.

There are many reasons why a person would want to contract out a researcher to investigate a subject thoroughly, then have a summarized white paper for them to read. It saves your sanity, and it saved time for you, and time means money.

Examples of reasons why you might want to hire a researcher to conduct a white paper include:

This is just to name a few!!

Service I provide:

I charge using Pay Pal, and charge 25% non-refundable deposit, to ensure you are not a spammer. For your protection, I am a verified member of Pay Pal.

Prices are negotiable. A lot of it depends on how much research needs to be done, and how hard it is to get the info. Also, how long you wish your white paper needs to be. Next, if you want me to write a speech for you based on my research. Lastly, if you have audible you want me to transcribe.

No reasonable offers will be refused. I am affordable (and good at what I do), but I also need to make a living. You will be surprised how affordable I really am. G

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