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I was bitten early in life; the bug injecting its irretrievable serum; drawing strength from my youth and the very denial of its existence. And then one day, standing in line at the post office it took hold of every rational thought in my mind and every muscle of my body and compelled me toward the Passport window. The WanderLust virus had taken hold. I was going to India. There were many memorable and impactful trips before the motherland, but none quite so profound, or so far. It is in India that I found my color, my Self and my voice.

It is with passion that I share the magic of my meanderings. Guided by an insatiable curiosity of people and places, and the exquisite beauty of this big ball of dirt we call home, I cannot help but marvel at all of life.

But it's not just other continents or even other countries that beckon to me, back roads and tiny towns also whisper their invitations. I can often be found wandering Main Street USA with nothing but my iPhone and a well seated sense of wonder.

Who knows where I'll go next. Maybe you have an idea. Maybe I will write or explore for you. Whether you are a fellow traveler along this rambling path or a person in need of some copy, I'd love to hear from you.

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