Allison Corriette

Orlando, Florida

I’m passionate about my work as a human resources assistant while in the last semester of my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource and Workforce Development at the University of Arkansas with a 3.87 GPA.
I believe that when we strip away the titles and the professional jargon, the core of our profession is simple: helping people. Nothing makes me happier than calmly assisting a perplexed employee to navigate the online benefits system, working independently to rollout a report requested by my manager, or putting a smile on the faces of my HRD and teammates with a funny story or word of encouragement. Simply put: It’s what makes me tick.

"I am the face of HR within my organization". When we embrace this mantra, we empower ourselves and others to become drivers of employee engagement and retention. What I do reflects on me, our team, and reinforces the quality of the organization that I belong to. Our field requires more than technical know-how; it also takes soft skills and emotional intelligence as ingredients for success.

  • Work
    • HR Assistant
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    • University of Arkansas