Allison Dee

Waltham, Massachusetts

Since I was young, my Grandfather was always trying to convince my cousins to study accounting; “It’s the foundation upon which every business is successfully managed,” he would say. My Cousins each chose their own path and grandpa respected all 23 of them for it. My path points in the same direction as my grandfathers. His example inspired me to own my own business and I believe his passion for accounting was an important ingredient of his success.

Imagine not having enough money to buy a copy machine, to then co-owning an insurance agency and ultimately owning and managing a seven Hallmark card and gift stores. This is how my Grandfather became the successful businessman that I will always remember him as. He accomplished so much and attributed all of his success in his ability to “count the beans.” Growing up, I knew that I was going to be a businesswoman and follow my Grandfathers footsteps. His life example is one reason why I am pursuing a degree in accounting.

His gift business drove home the need to maximize the use of his cash and make the right buy. Making the right buy is my passion. At this stage of my life the right buy for me are for my daily necessities. The search for value and the ability to take advantage of a perceived bargain is applicable in many businesses. It is an exciting moment to walk into TJ Maxx and find a $400 dollar Michael Kors purse for $200, what a bargain! This keen eye for a bargain can even be used in the supermarket. Who wouldn’t buy five boxes of Macaroni and Cheese when they’re on sale for $1 each?

It’s the thrill of the hunt for me; I need to find the right item at the right price. I need to decide which makes sense to buy. This is how many businesses thrive. Buy right and make a profit. You need to be always hunting for the best use of your cash resources. My desire to find the right item at the right price will always be something that I love to do. Deciding when to hold onto my cash and when to commit my cash is a valuable skill. Spotting an opportunity and taking advantage of it is something that I am passionate about now and will also

Shopping for a bargain is not the only thing that I love to do. I am usually found hanging out with friends in my spare time while trying to enjoy my last two years of college, even though its going faster than the blink of an eye. I am a huge country music fan, and think of myself as one of Kenny Chesney’s biggest fans. Ev

  • Education
    • Isenberg School of Management