Allison Kohn

Gupsum, Colorado

I am 74 years old and I began writing novels for my singles group. I have the first four of books in The Baker Family Saga published on Kindle.As the Baker family learns how to run this race of life as winners you will be entertained and learn with them. Sometimes you will laugh, sometimes you will cry - and maybe even get hopping mad sometimes - but you are sure to enjoy every moment of your trip as you follow the family through muddy water, over rocky mountains, through green valleys and - as life will have it for each one of us - through more muddy waters and onto more mountains to scale.Allison Kohn is a seventy-five year old woman who has been through muddy waters and over steep mountains herself and knows how to show others the way in an interesting and entertaining way.

I was born in 1938 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My grandmother was the first white child to enter the valley and I heard stories about pioneering from the time I was laying in my basenette. That was the beginning of my love of history and telling stories. When I discovered the power of the writen word, I used it, not only for writing serious pieces for for expressing my views on politics and religion, but to tell parables - interesting stories to demonstrate helpful truths.
I published devotions on line for about three years and numorous newspaper articles through the years. I also published some of my novels on line a few years ago, but now it is time to get my writting out to a broader public.

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