Allison N.

CEO & President of Coalesce Fashion in Evanston, Illinois

Hi, I’m Allison! I am a creative, organized, motivated, and hard-working person who believes in equal rights for all people.

I am the CEO and President of Coalesce Fashion, a business based in Chicago, IL that incorporates my passions for design and activism. Coalesce means "to grow together or into one body." Similarly, the clothes of Coalesce strive to unite young women of all backgrounds and body shapes by featuring flexible fabrics and designs that grow to fit girls' frames, regardless of their body size. Ultimately, I believe these differences are what make each woman unique and therefore beautiful. Unlike other clothing companies that tailor directly towards a certain body type, Coalesce celebrates the diversity of form by ensuring that our affordable clothes come in a vast array of sizes, with each piece tailored specifically for a given size. We understand, for instance, that one style of jean does not work well on everyone! Therefore, our tailors work with models of all body shapes to ensure that each dress, shirt, skirt, etc. --whether XXS or XXL --fits well. Comfortable fabrics like cotton and jersey are breathable, flexible on the body, and ideal for a busy day of classes, practices, and other daily activities.

I firmly believe that dressing in form-fitting, comfortable, and fun clothing can put a pep in anyone's step--and girls are taking a lot of steps as they're busy changing the world. Coalesce Fashion inspires confidence within young women to achieve their dreams and aspirations, not only through bold and comfortable fashion, but also through social justice efforts. Check out Coalesce's online store, which also serves as a blog about women's rights. Anyone can submit entries for possible publication, which is determined by a team of staffers. In addition, a percentage of all profits are donated towards increasing access to education for girls across the globe.

Finally, remember, the best accessory of all is confidence!

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