Allison Tai

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I started running in college after leaving a career in hunter/jumper horse riding.

I immediately feel in love, winning the Athletics Alberta Timex Road Race Series overall and qualifying for the provincial cross country team.

From there, I got into triathlon and came in fourth for my age group in my first Ironman. Which obviously, just wouldn't do. I competed in Ironman Canada shortly there after, coming in second in my age group and making the podium.

Unfortunately, one week after what looked like an impressive start to a hopeful Ironman career, I was hit by a truck from behind at highway speed while riding my bike.

I broke my back, pelvis and arm - and sustained some pretty severe nerve damage in the process.It was a long recovery: 6 months in a hard plastic full body cast, several months in a hard plastic sling that ran from my shoulder to the tips of my fingers. I couldn't roll myself over in bed. The blood would pool in one side of my body and all I could do was call for help and wait.

When they finally took the body cast off, I couldn't even sit upright. My core muscles were gone. I remember the day that I first held a plank for 5 seconds. 5.

I've been there, and I am here to show you that the struggle is so worth it.

I slowly started walking... then pool running... then jogging. I pushed myself just a little every day. I can't imagine a day going by in my life without a little physical challenge. It's what life is.

I've even won some races since those days, including the two most recent obstacle races that I entered. I love the mix of running, jumping, climbing, crawling and carrying. I love getting muddy, wet and bruised. The thing I love most about obstacle racing though, is seeing my clients rip across the finish line at the end knowing that they battled it all out there, and won.

Even if you never race, you'll never find more functional or fun full-body training.

  • Work
    • Fitness Coach
  • Education
    • Social Work Diploma, FIS & PFS (canfitpro), FMS