Allison Hughes

My name is Allison Hughes! My life is pretty boring so don't expect much.I grew up in Odessa Texas or Slowdessa (what me and my friends jokingly called it). Odessa is not a small town or big city its some where in between floating around in mediocrity. The landscape is boring consisting of flat land dirt, weeds, and mesquite bushes (there isn't enough rain for them to become trees).I was born into the world toRexana and Ronald Hughes on July 11th 1995 and became the youngest of six children.I grew up in our small house with one bathroom to eight people in the middle of nowhere really. It was a quiet life and I feel a pretty normal one so Ill skip over that period of my life. So I grew up as children do and then got out of there the first chance I got and went to Denton to study Language Arts at UNT. I studied Language Arts until me and it had a falling out and I moved to Advertisement a much more interesting major in my opinion.Thats where I am currently and for the future I hope to get a job at a Ad agency preferably something to do with social media.