Allison Johnson

If I were a canvas, I’d be swirled in rich, vibrant colors. Yellows and blues represent my intense happiness and somber qualities. Green for my love of nature, and all things on the earth. Violet and navy for the night sky, for I love to watch the stars. Red for my passion, strong ideals and values about animal equality, entomology, environmental science, conservation and restoration of degraded habitats. Textures that add dimension and depth both within the painting and myself would encroach the sides, including art, music, and my love for knowledge. I play the guitar, mandolin, and piano, and was heavily involved in the art program for years. I would hang this picture in the gallery of my small hometown, because I love to enrich the community through volunteering. The varied subject matter would include my family, my gecko, and a tree with deep roots because I am very rooted in my household, also friends because I am a very caring and outgoing person. My family has encouraged all of my goals, as have my companions. They are the branches in the tree upon my canvas, supporting me as I grow upwards into the negative space, which is my future.