Allison Rossett

San Diego, California, United States

Dr. Allison Rossett, recently retired after many years as Professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University, continues to be a consultant in learning and technology. A member of Training magazine’s HRD Hall of Fame, Allison now serves on the Boards of the Elearning Guild and Chief Learning Officer. A few years back she served on ASTD’s international board. Allison was honored when ISPI selected her as a Member-for-Life and when they bestowed the wonderful Thomas Gilbert Award on her. Allison was also honored by ASTD for lifelong contributions to workplace learning and performance. Stunned when ASTD recognized her as a LEGEND, she wondered how that happened. A legend? Legends are old, aren’t they? ASTD recently interviewed Allison about her career.

Allison is the author or co-author of six books, several of them award-winners, and all described here on the site. Allison Rossett works on needs analysis, technology-based learning, and engagement in a world with increasing contributions from technology-based learning and performance support.

A native New Yorker, ping-pong champion in her youth and yo-yo’er in training, Allison keynotes and teaches at conferences and events all over the world. She conducts studies and consults on learning strategy, instructional design and technology, and performance support.

  • Work
    • Retired from the University, Allison consults now