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The features which make the SIP Softphone so popular are its easy to install, sophisticated to use and the quality voice transfer. It means that even a novice can easily install this application on any computer device or on any mobile device with having compatible operating system. By executing this application you can get the user friendly interface that exactly looks like a mobile keypad. Now you can just dial the number by pressing the numeric keys of this interface or from the computer keyboard and make the voip call on that particular number if your computer or mobile is attached to the internet through any internet provider.

When it comes to the voip facility with mobility the SIP Softphone is what gets the upper hand than the landline voip phone. You can use the voip calling facility anywhere in the world by using the internet and a SIP softphone installed in your laptop or mobile phone. You don't need to stick to your desktop to use the voip calling facility like as with the voip landline phone.

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