Allison Chase

Student in Athens, Georgia

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My name is Allison Chase, and I love to play the piano. I started playing piano when I was six years old because of my father, who also started playing when he was the same age and has played ever since. He is classically trained in piano and organ and is clearly much better than I am; however, I joke he has a 30 year lead on me! I think I enjoy piano for the same reason a swimmer loves swimming: the quietness. I’m sure this seems strange to say, especially because music is made with a piano, but for me, piano makes the world quiet by filling my ears with melodies that are completely at my own control, unlike the world. In an environment that is so chaotic at times, it is so comforting to have music as a therapy. Not only that, but it’s entertaining to myself and others around me. There is truly nothing like having everyone fill a room and sing along as you play. Most importantly though, it makes my parents proud of me but in very distinct different ways. My mom loves that I can play pretty songs, but for my dad, it is a much bigger deal. He passed on his legacy of music to me, something he can’t say for my brother or anyone else. That gives me a such a sense of pride for myself and my little talent.