Alli DeGuzman


Back my campaign

My brother and I are both students of taekwondo. We're asking the community to help us get to the 2016 National Taekwondo Championship in Richmond, VA. On April 9-10 in Fresno for the 2016 California state taekwondo championship, I earned a gold medal in Youth sparring division and a bronze medal in forms and my brother earned silver medal in the Cadet World Class sparring division.

With your help, we hope to attend the 2016 USA Taekwondo National Championship on July 4-9 in Richmond, VA. We continue to work hard in school and train for the competitions. We need your help with the registration and travel costs from the SF Bay Area to Richmond, VA.

We love taekwondo and we train six days a week because we want to keep getting better and better. I am a red belt and my brother is a first degree black belt. We hope you can help us get to the national championship. Thank you in advance.