Allison Drummond

Allison Drummond

I'm Allison and I am the creator of the blog "Getting Crafty." I am a college student and I am also in a sorority, so to de-stress and at the risk of sound like a total sorority girl, I like to do crafts on the weekends. Plus, my mom is a Home Economics teacher, so that adds to the fact that I'm always trying new arts and crafts.

I love to attempt new crafts, even if some of them don't end up perfectly. That is why I post some of the things I post. I think it is important to try new things and if they don't work out well, then spread the word. By doing so you can either help save someone else the trouble of trying that same art/craft project, or someone might have a tip to make the project easier or turn out better.

On this blog I show some of the projects I'm working on and provide tips. I also like to share where I get some of my inspiration for a new project, so that way if I share a project and the directions I provide are unclear, then you can visit the same site and see if you can understand it a little better.

I love getting feedback, so feel free to send a message to me. You can provide tips, ask me if I would show how to make a specific project you want, ask me where I get my materials, give any suggestions, or just leave a comment to comment!

Keep getting crafty!