Allison Gittings

Welcome to my about me page! My name is Allison Gittings, and I am currently living in Arlington, VA, experiencing Washington DC and NOVA one day at a time. I am a public relations professional with interests spanning from environmental issues and efforts in sustainability to health, nutrition and the food industry. As a college athlete, I am also interested in the sports industry, education and athletics outreach. In addition to my public relations career, I give volleyball tutoring lessons for those looking to improve their skills for the high school, club or college level.

With a M.A. from Georgetown University in Public Relations and Corporate Communications, I am looking to advance my career by gaining professional experience in any and all public relations fields. I have specialized experience in digital media, and would love to continue to build my knowledge of this area as it continues to grow. I also look forward to event planning opportunities as well as creating strategic communications plans for clients. Feel free to contact me with any job opportunites or questions about how to improve your brand through digital public relations and communications strategies!