Allison Gray

Fresh off the release of her debut EP Off My Mind, Allison Gray has struck a chord with listeners who have ever struggled to find their own voice when dealing with love and loss. Listeners have found their voice in Gray’s lyrical honesty and emotional vocal melodies. By combining elements of pop, rock, soul, and jazz, Gray has developed a unique style that transcends genre and has paved the way for a new movement in music, Rock n Soul. Allison Gray’s journey began in Dallas, TX at the age of 3 when she sat down for her first piano lesson. From that moment on, music took over her life, giving her a sense of purpose and direction, but Gray would face many obstacles along the way. Her formative years were spent moving from city to city, always searching for a place to call home. Music was the only constant in her life. Throughout her childhood, Gray trained intensely as an opera singer and ballet dancer. Not limiting herself to just opera, Gray also trained in vocal jazz, musical theater and pop music. Her drive and dedication lead her around the country, performing at numerous festivals and competitions. After singing the National Anthem for the Oakland A’s, Gray was invited to perform at the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. One of her proudest moments was performing at the famed Benaroya Hall in the city she eventually grew to call home, Seattle, WA. Having accomplished all of this before she graduated high school, it was clear that Allison Gray was destined for a career in music. With her dreams within reach, Gray set out on her own to Los Angeles where she honed her skills as a songwriter and vocalist. After writing for various artists, and making the rounds as a session singer with some of the biggest names in the industry, Gray felt ready to take on the challenge of her first solo project. Inspired by some of her greatest influences, from Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys to Fiona Apple and Smashing Pumpkins, Allison Gray developed a sound that is truly unique and able to reach the masses. Always known for the impact of her live shows, Gray teamed up with producer Marc Jordan for her debut EP Off My Mind. With sweeping melodies, raw vocal delivery, and vivid lyrical imagery, it is impossible to deny the power of her songwriting. Allison Gray’s Off My Mind is a collection of timeless classics that have the power to speak to every generation.