Allison Henderson

My name is Allison Henderson and I am currently enrolled in Worcester State University as a Visual and Performing Arts major with a concentration in visual arts. I have also attended Temple University’s Tyler School of Arts as a drawing and painting major. I have always been motivated and encouraged to work in the arts.

Since the young age of fourteen I have been attending trade shows where I exhibit and sell my own artwork. These shows happen all over the country and just in the past year I have attended 13 shows in states including by not limited to: California, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and Florida. In addition to these conventions I take freelance commissions, as well as sell my own prints and products online. In July through August 2011 I was recruited to partake in a paid art test for Riot Games, Inc.

I am currently employed by the merchandising company, Sanshee. I am paid on a freelance job of fleshing out designs into full-fledged artwork. Currently Sanshee is working with big gaming company names such as Valve, Riot Games, and Aksys Games. I have a keen eye for detail, am always open to critique, willing to work with others and am driven by a constant desire to improve.

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