Allison Henry


My name is Allison Henry and I help CPAs elevate their practice quality by managing PICPA's peer review and ethics programs and by monitoring the global accounting trends within the CPA profession. I also facilitate 8 state-wide technical committees that serve the broader membership interests by monitoring emerging standards and providing training opportunities. Having spent the last 10 years monitoring trends, it's become apparent that the current global economic, demographic, regulatory, and technology changes are rapidly transforming the CPA profession. I monitor these trends and serve as a PICPA member advocate and educator. If you have any questions regarding my PICPA role or if I can assist you with your quality control needs or understanding the technical standards or emerging trends of the CPA/accounting industry, please contact me at 215-972-6187. Specialties: ★ Vice President - Professional & Technical Standards ★ Quality Control Consultant ★ Emerging Global Accounting Trends ★ Accounting & Auditing Standards ★ CPA / Certified Public Accountant ★ International Standards Convergence ★ Technical Excellence ★ Author & Speaker ★ Ministry Outreach,The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) is a professional association of more than 20,000 CPAs working together to improve the profession and better serve the public interest. PICPA’s founding purpose—preserving and promoting the interests of CPAs and the profession—serves to improve the industry, maintain the profession’s integrity, and provide better products for businesses and the public. In 2003, I was handpicked to lead the Professional & Technical Standards Team for the Pennsylvania Institute of CPA’s (PICPA). The Team administers AICPA’s Peer Review Program, handles professional ethics, and serves numerous state-wide technical committees and task forces including: the Accounting and Auditing Procedures, Forensic and Litigation Services, Business Valuation, Not-for-Profit, and Employee Benefit Plan Committees and the Healthcare Reform and Marcellus Shale Task Forces. I also field technical inquiries, write columns for the PA CPA Journal and Pursuit publications, provide technical updates at PICPA chapter events, and assist in writing responses to technical exposure drafts. If you have any questions regarding my position or if I can assist you with your quality control needs or understanding the technical standards or emerging trends of the CPA/acc