Allison Lee

Dallas, Texas

Hello Friends! I am a blossoming social media & marketing creative type. I am finishing up my Emerging Media and Communication degree at UT Dallas. I look forward to using my degree to help bring customer social interaction and engagement online through marketing in social media.

I try to express my creativity through design and Photoshop, but I also love music, reading, and stick figure drawing. There is something nostalgic and exciting about going to the movie theatre, even if you do have to donate a lung to pay for it. Popcorn is a requirement.

I love coffee and wine. There is nothing better at the beginning of the day than a nice dark French roast, and there is nothing better to end the day than a big glass of wine!

I am a closeted cat lady, but luckily have set the rule of having no more cats than people in a dwelling. My two cats are named Samson and Henry, and I am jealous of their lavish lifestyle.

My passions in life are singing and music, human interaction, psychology and of course seamless beautiful design.

  • Education
    • University of Texas at Dallas
    • Howard Payne University
    • Frisco High School